Wire Mesh Filter Cartridges


Filter Cartridges

High service temperature to 400 deg. F. Reusable, quality filter cartridge with consistent pore size at the five retention ratings offered. Rigid construction and uniform porosity. Positive-crimp end pleat seal prevents particle bypass into effluent stream. Media is woven SS 304 wire, pleated for additional filter area and strength, then welded to SS 304 center rings and end supports.    Resin Bonded Cartridge filters feature an advanced manufacturing process that produces an extremely rigid graded density structure that allows the filter to withstand extreme viscosities and temperature without deformation or collapse. Rigid structure designed to handle high differential pressure and can be used for high viscosity applications. High Voids volume ensures greater dirt holding capacity.Available in range from 0.2 to 150 microns.

Filter Clay Bags


Magnetic Strainer

The primary purpose of clay treatment is to protect aviation fuel filtration systems and jet fuel by removing trace quantities of surfactants (surface active agents), color and additives commonly found in fuel. Maximum adsorptive and filtration area. Broad range of proprietary media provides excellent filtration perfomance and greter consistency. Industry standard sizes. Offered with plastic and metal rings for wide temperature compatibility. Silicone free to prevent craters to provide better surface results.    Magnetic filtration can be used in almost any environment where ferrous, para-magnetic and grinding medium contamination of a liquid is a problem. The contamination is removed from the magnet and can be recycled with little loss of fluid and can be recycled. Patented magnet configuration means that even when the filter is full, flow channels remain open so there is no blinding or pressure build up.

Oil Storage Tank


Oil Transfer System

Customers can avail from us a comprehensive range of Oil Storage Tanks that are designed to meet the demands of various applications in different industry. Manufactured using high grade raw material procured from the reliable vendors if the market, these tanks are acknowledged for their leak proof property and longer shelf life.    The oil transfer system is designed for pumping the fuel oil to the high temperature boiler system and transfer back to the oil storage tanks. This system receives and stores oil and delivers it to settling tanks. Oil transfer systems are used in range of commercial and industrial applications to transfer oil to the boilers, process equipment or generators.

Regenerative Air Dryer


Transformer Evacuation System

In heavy-duty industrial operations, water vapor in compressed air equipment can lead to premature failure, corrosion, frozen air lines, quality control issues and a range of other operational problems. A regenerative desiccant air dryer system purifies compressed air by absorbing moisture. Regenerative desiccant dryers are generally of a twin-tower construction, with each tower containing its own desiccant bed. This allows one bed to dry compressed air as the other undergoes regeneration.    The evacuation system is designed with combination of the highly efficient pumping system of a Vacuum pump and mechanical booster pump, to handle large volumes of moisture in transformer's tank. The transformer evacuation system is a simple “plug & play” device. This system is used for exhausting and dehumidifying a transformer before filling insulating oil in it. It is easy to maintain and operate. It is composed of a vacuum pump, motor, separator, guages, valves and piping, on a portable base.

Electric Furnace


Electric Furnace for Silica Gel Regeneration   
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