Centrifugal Oil Cleaner(COC)


Centrifugal oil cleaner is a mechanical device, which purifies oil by centrifugal force action, many many times more effectively than any other filtration method so far known in the world.

Centrifugal Oil Cleaner is necessary for the mating surfaces of machine elements in relative motion which are separated by a very thin oil film formation at contact. The film thickness generally happens to be of the order of microns. If lubricating oil incorporates dirt in the form of contaminants, debris etc., it will destroy the protecting layer of lubricating film over the mating surfaces of machine parts. Which will further multiply component wear and premature failure of the system. The big advantage of the centrifuge is its ability to remove very finer particles of the order of one-tenth of a micron by centrifugal action.

Centrifuge oil cleaning remove solid contamination ELIMINATOR

  • Remove paper filters permanently.
  • Extends oil life
  • Minimizes wear and tear of engine
  • Increases engine life.
  • Reduces down time
  • Minimize maintenance cost
  • Increase contaminant holding capacity
  • No consumable cost.
  • Maximize engine productivity