Centrifugal Oil Water Seperator (COWS)

COWS-( Eliminator-D) is a water seperator and fuel filter for HSD/LDO/ Hydraulic oil, transformer oil etc. An entirely new multistage centrifugal system ensures a 100% solution to the problem of water/moisture and particulate in fuel


  • Compact design
  • High efficiency
  • Low flow restriction
  • Long life of filter elements
  • Easy installation.
  • Simple maintenance
  • Very high efficiency of water separation from fuel. Complete protection of injection pump, nozzles from water, dust, etc.


Stage – 1

From the inlet port, fuel flows through the interior vane system, which imparts a circular motion to the fuel.

Stage – 2

Still in the circular motion, fuel reaches the bowl section, where, due to this centrifugal motion water droplets and heavier particles (Down to 30 Micron in size) are forced to the wall of the bowl, eventually settling in the bottom at the bowl.

Stage – 3

In this stage the fuel has to pass the vane system positioned on the outside of the central housing. Due to the differing length of the vanes and the two fold rapid change to fuel flow direction, smaller water droplets and finer particles will settle on the vanes. These settlements will agglomerate and when heavy enough fall to the bottom of the bowl. Already at this point the major portion of any contaminated in the fuel have been separated.

Stage – 4

Just below the filter the flow area of the filter is increased significantly thus reducing the fuel flow rate. This calming effect allows even smaller water droplets and particulate to fall out settling on the inner surfaces of the housing, forming larger droplets which eventually fall into the bottom of the bowl by gravity.

Stage – 5

The final filtration of the remaining water and particulate still contained in the fuel will be effected by a stainless steel/ paper hydrophobic filter cartridge. The clean fuel leaves the filter via outlet parts C or D (the outlet part not required should be sealed with the plug provided).


  • Eliminates all water from the fuel system, thus avoiding time consuming breakdowns while preventing the formation of damaging sulfuric acid.
  • Removes all solid particles from the fuel system, including oxides, dirt, rubbish, and all other impurities.
  • Reduces down time.
  • Extends the life of the primary filter.
  • Extends the life of the injection pump and the injectors.
  • Projects and extends. The life of the engine.
  • No external parts requiring service or replacement.
  • Increases the operating life of the fuel filters if any.
  • Use of Eliminator-D results in fewer trees being cut each year.
  • Reduction inland till due to fewer fuel filter replacement.
  • Significant improvement and exhaust emissions.


  • Automotive industry – trucks, buses, mobile cranes,  dozers ,  dumpers ,  excavators  etc.
  • Construction equipment, compressor sets, agricultural equipment, fork lift trucks etc.
  • Marine propulsion Stationary engines – generators, welding and pumping installations etc.
  • Mining applications, railway locomotives.
  • Special custom made versions for certain applications available.
  • Trolley mounted systems for removing moisture and dust at the time of unloading of fuel and filling at petrol pumps available