Community Size Biogas Reactor

Effective mechanical separation of Non Bio Degradable material in every flush cycle.

Double acting Pneumatic cylinder provide leak proof joint and yet allows waste to pass through by opening the flap. Since the material is to flow vertically downwards the separation is effective and simplified.

Features of Biogas Plant/Reactor

  • Converts kitchen cooked/uncooked (biodegradable) and all types of biomass into:
    • Biogas - 70% - 80% methane and only 20% - 30% carbon dioxide.
    • High nutrient value of manure.
  • The methane released can be used for the cooking or power generation.
  • Suitable for all types of kitchen cooked/ uncooked veg/non-veg and organic waste.
  • Economic and eco-friendly way to process biodegradable waste.
  • Useful for: Municipal Corporations, Hospitals, Hotels, Housing Societies, Govt. Establishments, Corporate Canteens, Society, Commercial places having food court, etc.

Benefits to you:

  • Biogas: Can be used for cooking or power generation.
  • Water: Can be used for irrigation purposes.
  • High Nutrient Manure.
  • The cost of the Biogas Reactor will be recovered within the duration of 3 years.