Contract Cleaning

Need for transformer oil filtration

Transformers are vital devices which plays a great role in transmission and distribution of electricity. During energised period of electric power transformer degradation process occurs in the insulation paper and oil which cause sludge formation and rapid aging of oil and inefficient performance of transformer , through regular transformer oil testing we can detect the problems and with proper oil maintenance, that breakdown can be significantly reduced.

CbS filtration machine provide appropriate and customized solution for distinct insulating Oils.

  Transformer Oil Reclamation System is designed in such a way that it will able to perform following Operations:-

  • Continues removal of solid contaminants with the help of non-hygroscopic, type, use & throw away filter Cartridges.
  • Removal of moisture from Transformer oil with the help of vacuum system.
  • Degasification of gases & moisture under high vacuum conditions.
  • De-Acidification of Transformer Oil.


The Filtration Process

filtration process

Transformer oil filtration plant is capable of achieving the parameters as per IS 6034:1989.

Terms and conditions:

  • The tariff for contract cleaning per litre of oil will be provided on inquiry.
  • Transport cost is Rs. ___ / KM   for the transportation of machine to the site for TO and Fro which has to be paid in advance.
  • Transport cost may be waived off up to 500 Km if the oil quantity is greater than 2,00,000 Litres.
  • Boarding and lodging charges for service person accompanying the machine will have to be paid @ Rs._____ per 24 hrs.
  • Service tax will be extra as applicable.