Domestic Biogas Reactor (DBR)

Features of Domestic Biogas Reactor:

  1. Alternative fuel for cooking gas.
  2. Hygienic- no odor, no flies and insects.
  3. Easy to install and handle.
  4. Completely safe.
  5. Small in size.
  6. Outlet slurry is a organic fertilizer.
  7. Suitable for all types of kitchen cooked/ uncooked, veg/non-veg and organic waste.
  8. Biogas obtained: 70% - 80% methane.
  9. 250 to 600 litre of methane rich biogas daily from 1-3 Kg wastes.
  10. Bio Gas can be conveniently stored in biogas balloons, waste tubes or in the digester itself.
  11. Bones can also be processed.
  12. The digested discharge is free from acidic foul smell.