Electrostatic Oil Filtration Machine for Hydraulic Oil

We are manufacturer and supplier of several oil filtration machines. One out of them is our Electrostatic Oil Filtration Machine for Hydraulic Oil.

  • Electrostatic Liquid cleaning machine involves static charging of ionized suspended solid contaminants in oils and collecting to the electrodes where high voltage is applied.Those system maintains oil properties in better way by removing suspended particles to required limit and in turn reduces the overheads in any engineering industry. 

Electrostatic oil cleaner systems use electrostatic precipitation to remove sub-micron particle of insoluble material, without affecting soluble oil additives. Tiny particles are electrostatically driven to and captured on positively or negatively charged walls of electrodes. Large particles are trapped in the resin impregnated cellulose filter. Coalescing filter in dehydration cell is used for removal of moisture/water up to 5000 PPM. Modern additives-treated oil is highly resistant to deterioration; it can continue service indefinitely if kept clean and contamination free.