5 KL Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine

Hydraulic Oil Problems

  • Hydraulic system contaminants can be either solid particles or liquids (Moisture)
  • Solid particles contaminate by chemically reacting with the fluid, or fouling the system through accumulation.

Requirement of hydraulic oil filtration

  • Hydraulic oil Contamination causes aging/degradation of fluids and hydraulic systems failure for numerous reasons.
  • Contamination decreases the ability of valves to control flow and pressure, thus wasting horsepower and generating excess heat.

Hydraulic Oil filtration system features

  • The filtration system is capable of removing the solid contamination.
  • System can achieve desired NAS (National Aerospace Standard) level.
  • Hydraulic Oil Cleaning Machines is portable oil cleaning and filtration system.
  • Continuous Filtration
  • Available in Different flow capacities like 500- 5000 LPH
  • This machine is suitable for Hydraulic as well as compressor oil.

Models are also available with different flow rate:

  • HOFP-005- S
  • HOFP-010- S
  • HOFP-020- S
  • HOFP-050- S