Ordnance Factory Board India - Authorized dealer

The Indian Ordnance Factories Organization comprises of 41 factories with more than two hundred years of experience in defence production. Under the direction of its corporate headquaters, the Ordnance Factory Board, the organization is currently engaged in the production of weapon systems and ammunition.
The key factor to generations of customer satisfaction is the comprehensive product range offered in the areas of land, air and marine defence systems. These include small, medium and large calibre weapons and ammunition, mortars, explosives and pyrotechnics. Indian Ordnance Factories also supply armoured and soft skin vehicles, optical and night vision devices and parachutes. The products are having wide international acceptability including NATO countries.
Indian Ordnance Factories are skilled not only in the production of quality goods but also in logistic, research and development and the operation of integrated manufacturing systems.
CbS Technologies is authorized to represent Indian Ordnance Factories for promotion of their products and services.

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