Particle Counter

We offer an on-line oil particle counter of high precision. It adopts the principle of laser blockage method (laser shading method) to detect the size and number of solid particles in the oil. Based on the measurement, it does the analysis and then display the oil contamination level in various standards (e.g NAS1638, ISO4406, GJB) so as to help the operator be aware of the potential risks and therefore avoid the evitable wear of parts.
It is able to give out the result within 45 sec. An optical fiber cable goes along with the counter to connect the device to a PC or display screen to transfer data. It can be widely applied to various kinds of oil, such hydraulic oil, lubricant oil, gearbox oil, insulating oil (transformer oil), etc. Due to its small size and light weight, it can be easily installed on machines which consist of hydraulic system or lubricant circuit, etc. Therefore, the real time monitoring of the oil quality will be available.


  • High accuracy. Adopting the principle of laser blockage method (laser shading method) which is the most efficient method to count the number of particles in liquid. Equipped with high-quality Germany-made sensor, which ensures the precision of counting.
  • Two ways of measurement. Both on-line and lab sampling measurement are available.
  • Able to display the measurement result in the form of NAS1638, ISO4406, GJB by means of both digits and diagrams.
  • Equipped with big touch screen. Easy for operation and efficient for display.
  • Built-in PC. No need connecting the instrument to another computer, operator could look up the data by various standards such as location, time, operator name, etc. Data also can be transferred via USB connection.
  • Printer internally installed. Able to print out the measurement result within 45 sec.
  • Lithium battery installed. Suitable for outdoor use.
  • Internal peristaltic pump. Flow controlled
  • Almost infinite data storage volume.160G hard disk.
  • Suitcase design. Compact and rugged. Easy to take along.

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