Portable Oil Centrifuging System(POCS)

1 KL Filtration Machine

We are the manufacturer and supplier of several transformer oil filtration machines. One out of them is our Portable Transformer Oil Centrifuging System.

This is a portable system for transformer oil cleaning and filtration, based on centrifuge technology. It is a 100% consumables free filtration system. The system houses as standard equipment, mainly gear, pump, motor, starter, several sensing and indicating equipments and centrifuge. The user has a choice to go for fitment of additional optional accessories like heating chamber, flame proof motor etc. at extra cost.

It is compact in size and available in flow rates from 500 LPH to 5000 LPH. The flow rates can be customized. The portable system is capable of removing liquid, solid and gaseous impurities form the used transformer oil.

The components used in our oil filtration equipment are:

  • Magnetic Strainer
  • Degassing Chamber
  • Heaters
  • Control Panel
  • Moisture removal centrifuge – No consumables
  • Solid removal centrifuge – No consumables

The system purifies the oil up-to sub micron level and has the sludge holding capacity from 0.5 kgs to 10 kgs.

Advantages of Portable Transformer Oil Centrifuging Machine:

The machine is designed for continuous operation and is portable. Maximum Components of the machine are in M.S. material. The transformer oil filtration machine offered is complete with all components necessary for its effective & trouble free operation.

The transformer oil filtration system is fully tested in the supervision of Qualified Engineers as per the specification; customers received the Transformer Oil Filtration System in fully workable conditions. All components have adequate strength & rigidity to withstand normal conditions of transport handling and usage and are free from sharp edges or corners to avoid injury to operating personnel in normal condition of use. The design of the machine allows easy replacement of defected component.

  • Reduce machine maintenance cost.
  • Improve Oil Quality.
  • Extend oil life.
  • Offers continuous filtration/separation of Transformer Oil at constant efficiency.
  • Reduces oil cost on account of consumption, inventory etc.
  • Machine is designed with low heat input & high vacuum throughput technology to prevent degradation of transformer oil.
  • Simple pipeline and appropriate valve positioning assures ease of operation.
  • Machine is also equipped with Solid Removal filters, will separate the solid particles up to sub micron level.
  • Machine is suitable for distinct transformer Oils application.
  • Machine is suitable for outdoor operations under all weather conditions.
  • Machine is equipped with interlocks/safety controls.

Available Models:

  • TOCP-005-S
  • TOCP-010-S
  • TOCP-020-S
  • TOCP-050-S

We also customize the machine according to our customer’s requirement.