Turbine Oil Purifier Cum Dehydration Machine

We are manufacturer and supplier of several oil filtration machines. One out of them is our Turbine Oil Purifier Cum Dehydration Machine.

Purifier centrifuge to remove free water solid contamination plus ultra high vacuum dehydration system for moisture removal. It is trolley mounted/weather proof with flow rate from 500 to 6000 LPH and suitable to remove solid, moisture/free water and gas contamination.


  • Available in flow rate from 500 LPH to 6000 LPH.
  • Trolley / Castor wheel mounted.
  • Purifier centrifuge + ultra high vacuum dehydration system.
  • Can remove free water as well as dissolved moisture upto required level (from 2000 PPM to ≤ 200 PPM).
  • Solid contamination removal upto sub micron level (< 5 micron).
  • Magnetic Strainer
  • Degassing Chamber
  • Vacuum pump + Root booster (to create ultra high vacuum for the removal of moisture upto the desired level).
  • Heaters
  • Control Panel

Models are also available with different flow rate:

  • UOPP-005-D
  • UOPP-010-D
  • UOPP-020-D
  • UOPP-040-D
  • UOPP-060-D