Regenerative Air Dryer

In heavy-duty industrial operations, water vapor in compressed air equipment can lead to premature failure, corrosion, frozen air lines, quality control issues and a range of other operational problems. A regenerative desiccant air dryer system purifies compressed air by absorbing moisture. You can find these systems in any industrial application in which reliable equipment and exceptional quality control is necessary. Regenerative air dryers is used to remove moisture from the compressed air stream. Compressed air is dried to prevent condensation and corrosion which can disrupt manufacturing processes and contaminate products. Wet air passes directly through the drying agent, which then adsorbs the moisture. The drying agent has a finite capacity for adsorbing moisture before it must be dried out, or regenerated. To do this, the tower containing saturated desiccant medium is depressurized and the accumulated water is driven off using purge air, heat or a combination of both. Regenerative desiccant dryers are generally of a twin-tower construction, with each tower containing its own desiccant bed. This allows one bed to dry compressed air as the other undergoes regeneration.

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