Solar Dehydrator

Fruits & vegetables Wastage Big Challenge

  1. In many parts of the world, large quantity of fruits & Vegetables is waste every year as locals do not have appliances and space to store or preserve them for the rest of the year.
  2. Much is wasted on trees or gardens. Tonnes wasted because they do not look good enough to be sold, or not sold by supermarkets.
  3. In such conditions farmers are bound to sell the products at low rates.


  • It improves the bargaining position of farmers. Sometimes farmers sell at very low prices during the harvest season because they cannot store or preserve their surplus products.
  • Dried products improve family nutrition because fruits and vegetables contain high quantities of vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  • By use of this dehydrator, the drying process is made 5 times faster than normal sun drying procedure resulting in substantial weight reduction.
  • 100 Kg of grapes can be converted to 25 Kg of raisin.
  • It has no adverse effect to environment.
  • For diabetics dried fruit prepared without adding sugar is a healthy choice instead of desserts.