MOU for setting up Bacteria Generation facility BGF
(Joint Venture Partner)

Rev-4 date of (Issue 05-1-2017)


CbS Technologies invites proposals for JVP (Joint Venture Partner) form the interested parties to set up “Bacteria Generation Facility” at three locations –

  1. Chennai
  2. Kapurthala
  3. Raebareli
  4. Other locations as per requirement

Under the following proposed guide lines/MOU


  1. Arranging the plot of around 200 Sq Yards.
  2. Construction of the tanks as per the guide lines provided by CbS.
  3. Arranging of all infrastructure.
  4. Operation and running the plant on day to day basis.
  5. Arranging all the raw material (only cow dung is required).
  6. Investment of around 20 lakh (estimated) will be required in arranging all the above in addition to land.
  7. Maintaining the quality of bacteria as per DRDO standards will be the entire and exclusive responsibility of the vendor.
  8. There is no skilled labour or special skills required to run the plant.
  9. For approval purpose the facility will be shown as CbS unit for generation of bacteria
  10. Vendor will have to provide security deposit (refundable and non interest bearing) to CbS for 5 lakh.


  1. Providing all the consultancy drawing details everything free of charge to set up the above facility
  2. Approval of the facility form DRDO
  3. Generation of orders and marketing
  4. All kinds of support regarding the running of the plant
  5. All expenses Pertaing to DRDO approval visit of scientist etc will be in the scope of CbS


  1. All the revenue generated from the sale of bacteria will be shared on 40:60 basis i.e., CbS will keep 40% and 60% will be passed on to the JVP (Joint Venture Partner).
  2. There will be no sharing on the taxes Transportation and other revenue which is considered as reimbursement of the expense in generating the order.
  3. All orders will be received only in the name of CbS as CbS is DRDO TOT holder.
  4. All taxes will have to be borne by the party as applicable time to time.