Testing Equipments

Particle counter


Moisture PPM Sensor

We offer an on-line oil particle counter of high precision. It adopts the principle of laser blockage method (laser shading method) to detect the size and number of solid particles in the oil. Based on the measurement, it does the analysis and then display the oil contamination level in various standards.    Continuous online measurement of moisture in oil.Proven sensor, used for over 15 years in oil application. Online, real-time detection of moisture in oil without sampling. Integrated data logging, with over four years of measurement history. Traceable calibration to national standards (certificate included). Easy to install and operate. Installation through ball valve.

BDV Tester

Smooth operation from zero potential to FSV with motorized operation. Epoxy casted, long life HV transformer for reliable lifelong operation. Accurate & fast trip on breakdown. Open Ground interlock, Reset interlock for equipment protection. Non-contact magnetic stirring. Digital display output, with display hold on trip. Used to test specimen as per IS 6792, IEC 60156.