Transformer Evacuation System

The evacuation system is designed with combination of the highly efficient pumping system of a Vacuum pump and Roots (Mechanical Booster pump), to handle large volumes of moisture in transformer's tank.

Transformer evacuation systems is offered with mobile and stationary type options with control panel. This makes the transformer evacuation system a simple “plug & play” type device at user's site.

The Pumping assymbly will be suitable for Transformer Evacuation System. The capacity of the evacuation system varies according to the size and capacity of installed transformers. The plant is portable, mounted on four castor wheels which will make the system easy to move. The plant is suitable for outdoor use.

This system is used for exhausting and dehumidifying a transformer before filling insulating oil in it. It is designed and manufactured for easy operation and maintenance. It is suitable for long time use at site. 
It is composed of a vacuum pump, motor, separator, guages, valves and piping, which are assembled on a portable base.