Transformer oil Online Dry-out System (TO-DOS)

500 LPH Online Machine for Transformers

Transformer Oil problems

Failure of transformer to due high moisture content in the insulating paper and the insulating oil is one of the major causes of transformer failures today.

If there is presence of a leakage, moisture can enter into the system in the form of water or humidity. Small oil leaks, especially in the oil cooling piping, will also allow moisture ingress

Moisture is also formed by the degradation of insulation as the transformer ages.

Requirement of online transformer oil filtration

To reduce the chances transformer failure due to moisture online transformer oil dry out is effective measure.

Features of the online transformer dry out system

Available in flow rate upto 600 LPH.

The system is permanently installed with a transformer continuously keeps on removing the moisture while transformer is in charged stage.

During the filtration process moisture PPM level is continuously monitored.

This process does not only remove moisture from transformer oil but from the insulation as well.

The transformer oil is circulated through a series of cylinders filled with specially designed cartridges that absorbs moisture as well as removes solid contaminations from the oil.

It will keep on maintaining PPM level which is required for long life and good health of transformers.

Models are also available with different flow rate:

  • TODP-000-O
  • TODP-001-O
  • TODP-003-O
  • TODP-006-O