Turbine Oil Centrifugal filtration machine

Turbine oil centrifuging filtration machine is capable to remove all the three types of contaminations (Solid, moisture and gases). 100% consumable free centrifuge is used for the removal of solid contamination as well as for free water.

Technical Specs:

  • Flow rate up to 1000-5000 LPH
  • Portable
  • Sludge holding capacity varies from1- 10 Kgs
  • Purifies up to sub micron level
  • Moisture removal centrifuges- No consumables
  • Solid removal centrifuge- No consumables
  • Magnetic Strainer
  • Degassing Chamber
  • Heaters
  • Control Panel

Models are also available with different flow rate:

  • UOCP- 010- S
  • UOCP- 020- S
  • UOCP- 050- S